CoolTraderPro Associates:

As a basic lesson in life, SELF-INTEREST RULES! The thing that we want most is the thing that we turn our time, effort and energy toward.

This would be why you will want to promote the upcoming “Founders Tour” with every ounce of energy in your body.

The success of this series of national meetings draws a direct line right back to you and will directly impact the growth of your CoolTraderPro business.

The number of new customers and Associates enrolled between now and the end of March will create a groundswell of interest, attention and excitement about this company and the revolution in financial security we are creating. That is going to grow your business.

This is already going viral; the word is out and it’s moving at light speed.

The people you know will hear about this from different directions, different media, different sources and that all goes to CREDIBILITY!

With thousands on board already, what will happen after the Founders Tour is over in March?! That is going to grow your business. There is buzz, ladies and gentlemen, and it is all about CoolTraderPro.

So, if the thing that you want most is a huge, ever-expanding CoolTraderPro business because that’s where your self-interest lies, please, do yourself a big favor and get people to each and every Founders Tour meeting.

Whether you live in Florida or not, get your prospects to the meetings. They will be well taken care of on your behalf. It starts next week in Florida! Here’s what you need to do NOW:

Send this email to everyone you know along with the appropriate flyers at the bottom of the email, for the TAMPA FLORIDA FLYER.


Hi, [NAME];



Thought you’d like to see history in the making. Over the last 20 years, and especially the last 10 years, technology has been changing basic, fundamental ways of doing things; old things done new ways, new things done in amazing ways. And you know, we’ve seen it come, bought it, got used to it and now we use it every day. Usually there are some key, early adopters who become very, very wealthy in the process. Well, that same “disruptive technology” is getting ready to happen again in a major way. It will fundamentally transform the stock trading and investment industry, all for the benefit of the “little guy”, the middle class investor with an IRA and maybe a 401k, both of which are doing nothing, like mine. Talk about ‘disruptive’! This software is going to disrupt trading forever; it will change everything and you can be one of the smart guys who get it early on.

This breakthrough is going to be announced in TAMPA, FL on Monday evening, January 21, 2013 and you absolutely need to see this. Meet the creator/genius of this software, there’s no question he will go down in history and books will be written about him. He created an incredible software that trades your account automatically, it turns itself on in the morning, trades all day and shuts itself off. It’s a form of artificial intelligence. Best part is, the eight largest trading brokerages have partnered up with him for years and he has a user base of thousands in 40 countries, it’s proven, time tested and really credible. CHRIS THROOP SENIOR VP AT MERRILL LYNCH Hailed CoolTrade as the “Real McCoy and the only true robotic trader available to the public.”

Here’s what you do. Let me know you want to attend and I can get you into his meeting. I actually have to register your name (don’t worry, no email, no phone). Then, just show up at 6:30PM this Monday, January 21, 2013 at The Tampa Marriott Westshore, 1001 N. Westshore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607 and you can sit in on about a 60 minute meeting with the creator, the founders of the company and their executive team. If you want to bring someone, they can be your guest, but I’ll need their name too.

Seriously, [NAME], don’t miss this. You may not want to do anything with the information but you’ll have bragging rights forever when you tell people you met the GENIUS of this most amazing technology.

Btw, the company is rapidly expanding nationwide and is offering a tremendous opportunity.

RSVP email with your name & best cell number to


To your continued success,

Hatem (Tim) Eid

State Director, Florida


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MEET THE FOUNDERS – Cool Trader Pro – Jan 21, 2013 TAMPA, FL


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CoolTrader Pro – THIS WEEKS Webinar Schedule!

Even if you are not sure about CoolTrader Pro yet, we highly suggest that you register as a free affiliate now just in case you start to see why this software may be of great value to you and your friends and family, most of who are highly exposed in the financial markets and likely to get another bad hit they fall off the coming Fiscal Cliff.

Gain Affiliate Status at least (no cost)


It will COST you to become an affiliate later. So, do it now.

Below is the latest update from CoolTrader Pro. Please contact us for THIS WEEKS updated Webinar Schedule.

Only once in a great while does a new technology come along to alter the course of an entire industry…
and at the same time change how people live their daily lives. Think cell phone, googling & shopping online to name a few.

Rarely, if ever, does a technology come along with the possibility to immediately impact your financial future.

We are now at that moment.

And you are one of the fortunate few being extended an invitation to witness the future first hand!


Imagine going to Vegas knowing you are coming home a winner. Imagine knowing your football picks were winners every weekend.

Now imagine the most genius programmer, the technology guru behind Microsoft, who after retiring with millions, spent the next 12 years dedicated personally to writing over 5 million lines of code to develop the most powerful program ever produced to help make you money.

Simply turn on your computer on Monday morning and begin to change your financial future!

And you don’t even have to be there! It does it all for you. A fully automated, robotic, money machine.

Then imagine this, you not only have this exclusive program working for you day after day making you money, you now can become the sole distributor of this game changing product to help millions also take control of their financial future!

You do not want to miss this vital information session regarding CoolTrader Pro and be the first to hear about what will go viral faster than any other opportunity ever launched. This is the one we have all been waiting for.

Hear live from the sole developer of this amazing program of CoolTrader Pro as well as the President and Company Founders.

Be in front of your computer to discover the story, meet the geek and the entrepreneurs behind this once in a lifetime company and product launch. The possibilities are just beginning.

You may share this invitation with close friends and family, however please be advised there are limited seats for this online preview, so everyone may not be accommodated. Best to arrive 15 minutes early for guaranteed seating.

Please contact us for THIS WEEKS updated Webinar Schedule.

Please join CoolTrader Pro Creator Ed Barsano – Founders Nick Rausch & Cary Flanders as they train our associates and customers on our software.

1) A comprehensive walk through of the system and features.

2) How to search and copy strategies from the community board.

3) Learn how to set and modify the times you want your Robotic trader to run.

4) Learn how to create watch list rules

5) Learn how to create open position rules.

6) Learn how to set and modify your profit goals

Coming soon! 24/7 access to a company approved, recorded CoolTraderPro Overview Presentation! Stay tuned in!


Automated Stock/Forex Trading Software!
REGISTER NOW (no cost) and GET AN INSIDE LOOK – Click Here!

Mission Statement “To restore Confidence to the middle class investor by leveraging technology and innovation”.

INDUSTRY EXPERTS “said it could never be done”
100% automated stock/forex trading software created by a former
Microsoft programming genius!

Contact us if you want documentation on RESULTS!




1. 5-10% + Monthly Performance

2. Seven Year History and 14,000 Happy Clients (no complaints yet found)

3. 12 Years in Development and 5MILLION Lines of Code

4. Programmer Runs Two Successful Hedge Funds Using This Software

5. This is only DAY 7 of the International Roll Out

6. Endorsed by EIGHT of the World’s Top Brokers

7. Huge incentives for regional trainers in every region and country in the world

8. Put Your 401k and IRA Funds to Work in a SAFER Situation Than They are Now

9. Unlike most mutual funds and pension funds the users of this software look forward to the big CRASH (or a big rally) because that is when they really turn a great profit.

10. This is available internationally, not only in the U.S.

11. $10 Mill. in Development Costs (not a $99 robot!)

12. Recognized by Industry Industry Experts as the ONLY Fully Automated System for trading the Stock Market (also trades the FOREX) available to the General Public


14. Buys and Sells (CoolTrader Pro functions well in rising or falling markets)

15. Made 20% in 20 minutes on Flash Crash Day (when others were being massacred)

“Cool Trade Pro is the only true robotic trader available”

– Chris Throop, senior vice-president of Merrill Lynch

The Power of the Cool Trade Pro Software is to Deliver Risk-Free Automated Performance

on ANY of SIX Major Stock Markets While Yielding Consistent Returns of 5-10% Monthly


Purchasing the CoolTrader Pro software is optional for Affiliates!

But you will want to have this software and trade with it.

REGIONAL LEADERS in ALL Countries and Major Cities WANTED!

This company is planning to aggressively market this worldwide and has an extremely reward compensation plan which will include paying special bonuses to regional directors and trainers internationally, nationally, and regionally. If you believe you might qualify then feel free to send us your resume, and we will pass it on to the company.

The compensation here is quite rich and can serve as a full on career change quite immediately for anyone interested and qualified.

Reply to this email with your interest and resume. Almost all countries are presently open and on the table. These positions are extremely limited and will go fast to qualified people. Contact us ASAP if interested.

Legal Disclaimer

For demonstration purposes only. CoolTrader pro, CoolTrader Pro and Robotic Trading Systems do not make buy, sell, or hold recommendations. Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. You should speak with your CPA or financial representative (broker dealer or financial analyst) to ensure that the software / strategy that you utilize is suitable for your investment profile, before trading in a live brokerage account. All advice and/or suggestions given hereto is intended for running the CoolTrade software in Simulation mode only. The trade reports ONLY show close trades and do not reflect the P&L of open positions. Refer to the Automated trader dashboard to see the net P&L of the open positions.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding CoolTrader Pro.

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Tonight’s recorded live webinar

Happy Late Wednesday CoolTrader Pros!

I hope you are all very well! 😉

Crazy busy day here in Florida!


For those who weren’t able to make it on the call tonight, here is the recorded live webinar:


Please be sure you are on time and attending these webinars daily – you will benefit greatly and financially from them! 
Have a great today, and spectacular tomorrow! 🙂
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CONGRATULATIONS to our NEW CoolTrader Pro Mojo Distributors!!!


Congratulations to Our New Associates:

Chang and Kazoua Kong-Thao

Joan Knast

Joe Kronk

Brandon Oakley

Alex French

Michael Wilkerson

John Krueger

Cliff Henry

Michael Tiliakos

We are extremely excited to work with a group and team of successful and ambitious individuals like you!

2013 is just around the corner, a few more hours are left of 2012!

Please be sure to get any all of your associates and prospects plugged into the CoolTrader Pro Mojo broadcast at

We are working as we speak on uploading any and all recorded calls and webinars, the compensation plan, schedules for live calls and webinars solely for our team…

With that said, I want to share one of my favorite quotes by the latest and greatest Jim Rohn

“You cannot make progress without making decisions.” — Jim Rohn


State Director for Florida, Hatem (Tim) Eid is available for any and all questions, three-ways and coaching, at 813.486.8888 or email him at or I urge you to call him!

To your continued success,


CoolTrader Pro Mojo

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CoolTrader Pro Become an Associate Now, Before 12-31-12.. This is Your Time!


6:00pm PST – 7:00pm MDT – 8:00pm CST – 9:00pm EST … The Revolution Has Just Begun!


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The Best of 2013 Starts Now, In 2012…

Happy Thursday!

When you see an industry changing right before 

your eyes and you have the opportunity to be a part 

of that, it’s worth a look, wouldn’t you say?  

Well that’s happening in the investment industry 

right now with how stocks are traded.  

In the spirit of the holidays, like most of us,
I understand you may have been busy traveling,
or were last minute Holiday shopping; 
this why
 THIS email is SO VERY important.

There is a “divergent” technology now being introduced 

(diverting from the way things have been done) 

and it will change everything; after this, 

it will be very different and much, 

much better for people like you and I.  

I have personally recorded this highly
important webinar for you to
 watch at your 
very first opportunity.

The reason that time is of the essence 
is that nothing
 like this has ever been available 
to the worldwide market – and you are one of the
first to know – up until this point.

Recorded “Win The World” Webinar  from Saturday, Dec, 22nd, 2012: 

Watch It HERE
I promise you will be impressed. I was. And I still am.
How would it make you feel if you had your
robotic trader buy and sell automatically?
Local and Online training is included.
This will drastically change the financial industry…
Right now, we are affiliated with 7 large brokerage houses
like TD Ameritrade, OptionsHouse, E*Trade, FXCM, MBTrading
TradeKing, and Interactive Brokers.
Most brokerage houses offer special commission
discounts for CoolTrade Subscribers.
I sincerely would like to encourage you to take a 
look now at this recorded video, as Mr. Rausch and his team
of experts take us by the hand and unleash and reveal the 
power of this software.
Recorded Nick Rausch Product Demo & Overview from Saturday, Dec, 22nd, 2012
COO, Co-Founder
Mr. Rausch is also co-founder and managing member of 
Automated Capital Systems a private hedge fund located 
in Palm Beach, Florida General Partner and the Investment Advisor. 
He has also been serving as a co-managing partner of Robotic 
Trading Systems, LLC (“RTS”) since April 2011, a hedge fund which
exclusively utilizes the CoolTrade Robotic Platform.
Watch It HERE
The first time I took a look at this, the first words out of my own mouth were:
With that said, when you see this and become excited, too,
grab your phone and call my cell!
Hatem (Tim) Eid
State Director, Florida
Website: Mojo
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Because It’s Cool To Trade Like A Cool Trader

With the CoolTraderPRO software, whether you’re new to online investing, an experienced investor, or an active trader, we have everything you need to help you succeed.

Hatem (Tim) Eid, 20+ Financial Planner and Advisor, said: “This is REVOLUTIONARY”!

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CoolTrader Pro Software Facts

Happy Wednesday!

CoolTrade Facts

CoolTrader Pro is with 7 Brokerage Houses:

1) TD Ameritrade

2) E*Trade

3) Options House

4) Interactive Brokers


6) MBTrading

7) TradeKing

The CoolTrader Software trades on the NYSE, Australian exchange ASX, the Hong Kong HKX exchange, India NSE, Singapore SGX and Toronto TSE

They also have institutional and proprietary house brokers (Prop Brokers).

If you sign up through there software for TD Ameritrade, you will get 50% off of the regular price. This deal is not even available to a client that may have $2,000,000 in their brokerage account! It is only available to cool trade customers!

Interactive brokers also has a deal that they offer for only one dollar per trade; up to 200 shares. 

They had the question about the Forex markets yesterday on the webinar and they said that many other customers use the same program to trade Forex but that 80 to 90% of their customers did deal in stocks exclusively. It apparently it does do just as well and there are strategies available for that.

The offer for for five years of feeds is totally free for those who were on the webinar yesterday -which we were, so we can offer that to you. 

$3,500 PLUS 5 Year FREE Subscription, this comes to $58 a month for the next 5 years

Their first year is always free, so the next four years is free as well. 48 months times $125 equals $6000 in savings!

Please let me know when you are ready to sign up and purchase the software.

Again, my website address to purchase the software is

Simply click on the sign up link, which will sign you up as a distributor for free, until December 31st. Even if you only plan to sell one copy of the software at any time later, you would be well off to take advantage of this opportunity to save $150; which is the cost to sign up as a distributor. Once you click continue, you will have logged into your own website that was automatically created, where you can purchase the software.

Best personal cell number is 813.486.8888 

Best email is

Hatem (Tim) Eid, 20+ Financial Advisor and Planner, 

CoolTrade’s State Director of Florida welcomes you to the MOJO team!


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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

CoolTrader Pro Mojo wishes everyone a Happy Holiday!

Stay Tuned, The Best…Is Yet To Come! 


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